Remove My Name From Online Databases


Removing your personal data online is crucial in safeguarding your privacy and digital identity. With the increasing prevalence of data breaches and online tracking, taking control of your online information is more critical than ever. Here's a comprehensive guide on removing your personal data from the internet.

Below is a list of some websites that have your data, and you can request to have your information removed. This process could take some time, and from our research, many of these sites are owned by the same company, just a different URL and LLC.

List of Websites And Opt-out Links


Many of these sites claim they will remove your data, but "your data may remain on other sites." However, the websites look the same and are owned by the same people. They may only remove the data from that specific website and database while leaving your data on their other websites.

Remember that removing your personal data from the internet is an ongoing process. New information may appear online, so it's essential to be vigilant. Additionally, consider being cautious about what you share online in the first place to minimize the risk of your personal information being exposed.